Sewer Jet & Camera Services

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  • Pressure Wash Your Sewer Pipes

JBS Plumbing offers sewer power jetting and camera inspections to ensure your plumbing system remains free from obstructions.

Our team has years of experience with both jetting and camera inspections. This service makes it easy to identify and clear any potential problems within our clients’ sewer piping configuration.

We recently acquired our own sewer jet machine, which produces 20 gallons per minute at 4,000 psi
We also own high-quality cameras for sewage line inspections.

Our Process

Never heard of sewer jetting or camera inspections?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how this process works:

Our professional licensed plumber snakes a video camera through the sewer line to inspect it, identify clogs, and find out what they contain (bellies in line, poor grade, etc)

Next, the plumber inserts the jetter’s nozzle into the sewer pipe, typically through the cleanout opening

The plumber sends a high-pressure water blast from the jetter through the sewer line -The pressure from the jetter is so powerful that it attempts to clear clogged pipes and flushes out debris!


Hydro jetting assists with numerous sewer-related challenges, including the following:

Scouring pipe walls

Flushing stagnant systems

Pulverizing oil and grease

Clearing debris and sludge

Removing calcified scale

Washing away sand and silt

The JBS Difference

At JBS Plumbing Services, we have over 30 years of experience, and all our decisions are guided by our core values.

We provide the following to all commercial plumbing clients:

Quality work

We pursue excellence in all areas, from building practices and hiring to training and execution. We pride ourselves on providing highly knowledgeable and trained plumbers for your commercial plumbing clogging services.

Quick Response Times

We’re dedicated to offering quick & efficient responses, competitive pricing, and honest assessments for all commercial plumbing issues.


We’re committed to building client relationships on trust and honesty.


We strive to provide a safe workplace for our employees, which includes thorough education, hazard awareness, reporting metrics, and monitoring.

We Care

We assist anyone who needs sewer jetting services.

This is especially helpful for owners and property managers of older commercial buildings and sewer systems.

  • FAQs

What Services Do We Offer?

JBS Plumbing offers Commercial Plumbing maintenance in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We assist with stoppages, drain services, sewer jets, camera services, lift stations, pumps, backflow testing and repairs, water, sewage, and any repair or maintenance services in commercial plumbing.

How Do You Hire Your Employees?

We carefully vet each candidate to ensure they are qualified, appropriately skilled, and have values that align with ours. All of our professional tradespeople are highly trained and certified with State licenses to handle any plumbing need.

How Can I Get in Touch with You?

To learn more about commercial plumbing in the Greater Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas, reach us through our Contact Form or by calling 832-674-7213.