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There is nothing our service plumbers can’t do. JBS is dedicated to offering you quick & efficient responses, competitive pricing, and honest assessments for your commercial plumbing issues.

Not just any plumber can transfer their services so seamlessly.

Water & Sewage

When a water supply or sewer line breaks, it’s important to repair the leak quickly and efficiently all while causing the least disruption to daily businesses.

Water and sewer line upgrades, replacements, and installation are our specialties.

Lift Stations & Pumps

Lift stations and commercial pump networks are an important part of water and waste distribution in commercial facilities, municipal plumbing systems, and other large facilities.

JBS Plumbing Services is very knowledgeable in commercial sanitary lift stations to water supply and sump pumps.

Stoppages & Drain Services

There’s nothing like a stoppage or clogged drain to throw a wrench in your business operations and interfere with productivity.

These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible — before they escalate and cause more serious and expensive problems for your organization.

Lease Space Build Out & Renovation

We work closely with interior design groups and construction companies in Houston and surrounding areas with little to no callbacks.

JBS can work around the schedules of currently leased spaces to ensure there is little to no interruption of daily business activities.

Sewer Jet & Camera Services

JBS Plumbing Services has acquired our own sewer jetting machine that produces 40 gallons per minute at 4,000 psi.

Our team is not only experienced with jetting, but with camera inspections as well. This service helps to identify and clear any potential problems within the sewer piping configuration.

Repair Services

Plumbing damage can occur at any time — and, more often than not, they happen at the worst times. When your pipes freeze or a drain gets clogged, you need help immediately.

That’s where our team at JBS Plumbing Services comes in.

Maintenance Services

Don’t wait until an emergency to search for commercial plumbing in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio!

With JBS Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Services, you can expect ongoing support for all your plumbing needs — before they escalate into severe and expensive

Backflow Testing and Repairs

JBS Plumbing Services offers backflow testing and repairs to keep you, your team, and your business safe.

Backflow occurs when toxins from one part of the water system flow into the freshwater supply line. It is a serious public health issue that can introduce bacteria and other hazards into the drinking water.