Lease Space Build-Out & Renovation Services

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  • Are you getting ready to expand or personalize your business? Don’t forget about the plumbing!

If you’re searching for “How much does a Commercial plumbing company charge for renovations,” you’ve come to the right place.

The proper plumbing is vital to a successful lease space build-out or renovation process. That’s where the JBS Plumbing Services team comes in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new space, renovating after a flood, or anything in between. Our team has decades of commercial plumbing experience and is ready to assist.

You may be asking yourself, How do I install new plumbing in my business?

We work closely with interior design groups and construction companies in Houston and surrounding areas to streamline your build-out or renovation with little to no callbacks.

Learn more about our lease space build-out and renovation services below.

Lease Space Build Out & Renovation Services Process

You may have some questions if you’re looking for commercial plumbing installation for lease space.

What can you expect when you partner with JBS Plumbing Services for your lease space build-out or renovation?

Our process starts with a visit to the site so we can identify and understand your specific commercial plumbing needs.

We’ll then connect with other professionals, including interior designers and contractors, to discuss the best way to proceed.

Are you worried about construction and plumbing projects interfering with your business and bothering your customers? With JBS, that’s not a problem.

The JBS team can work around the schedules of currently leased spaces to minimize interruptions to daily business activities and keep you, your employees, and your customers happy.

Experience the JBS Difference

What differentiates JBS Plumbing Services from other commercial plumbing lease space build-out and renovation services?

First, we have experience on our side.

With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve seen just about everything. We’ve also assisted with build-outs and Commercial Plumbing renovation services for all kinds of businesses, and we’re confident that we can help you overcome any plumbing hurdles that show up.

Second, JBS is a family-owned and operated business.

Our team is known for treating our clients the same way we’d want to be treated. We get involved in the day-to-day operations and collaborate with other professionals to ensure a low-stress renovation for everyone.

We Care

WE ASSIST ANYONE WHO NEEDS Lease Space Build-Out & Renovation services..

We’re familiar with the city of Houston’s specific testing and maintenance requirements.

  • FAQs

How Much Does a Lease Space Build Out Cost?

The exact cost of a lease space build-out or renovation depends on many factors, including the size of the space and the specific customizations you want.

What Areas Do You Serve?

JBS Plumbing Services offers commercial plumbing in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas.

What Other Commercial Plumbing Services Do You Offer?

The JBS team can handle 24/7 emergency commercial real estate plumbing, medical commercial plumbing, camera services, sewer jetting, drain services, and more.