Backflow Testing and Repairs

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JBS Plumbing Services offers backflow testing and repairs to keep you, your team, and your business safe.

Backflow occurs when toxins from one part of the water system flow into the freshwater supply line. It is a serious public health issue that can introduce bacteria and other hazards into the drinking water.

A backflow preventer helps to prevent this problem. However, if something goes wrong with this device, your business, team, clients, or customers could be in big trouble.

The JBS team understands the importance of a properly functioning backflow preventer. We’re also familiar with the city of Houston’s specific testing and maintenance requirements and are licensed to administer these tests.


If you’re looking for a commercial plumbing in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio areas that offer compliant, efficient, and effective testing or repair services, we’re here for you.

Our Backflow Testing and Repair Process

How do you know if your backflow device isn’t working correctly? You’ll likely experience some or all of these issues:

Decreased water pressure

Strange-tasting or smelling water

Water appearing dirty or discolored

If you notice any of these signs, contact JBS Plumbing Services immediately. When we arrive on the scene, we’ll examine the valves of your backflow preventer carefully and look for the following:

Check valves are not preventing backflow correctly

Air ports are not opening when they should

Relief valves are not opening at the appropriate time

If we notice these or any other problems with your backflow preventer, we will get to work right away to address the issue and repair or replace your device as quickly as possible.

Experience the JBS Difference

Why should you trust JBS Plumbing Services with your commercial plumbing needs?

Whether you’re dealing with backflow or any other plumbing problem, we have the experience and skills to correct the issue.

We’re a family-run business, and we treat every customer the same way we would want to be treated.

Our team also has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate plumbing,  medical commercial plumbing, camera services, and much more.

We have worked hard for decades to establish ourselves as leading, reliable providers.

We’re fully licensed and pride ourselves on offering superior customer service and producing high-quality results promptly and professionally.

We Care


We’re familiar with the city of Houston’s specific testing and maintenance requirements.

  • FAQs

How Often Should I Have My Backflow Preventer Tested?

Houston (and most local governments) requires annual backflow valve testing, even if you don’t notice signs that something might be wrong with your backflow preventer device.

Are You Certified to Perform Backflow Testing?

Yes. The JBS team is fully certified, and all members get recertified every three years to ensure we’re following the latest and most effective testing and repair protocols.

How Do I Reach You for Backflow Testing and Repairs?

To utilize our commercial plumbing backflow testing services, contact us at 832-674-7213 or through our website.